D and K Candles -  Scent-sational gift ideas to light up your life

Our unscented pillar candles are available in 48 colours and 5 sizes. Perfect for weddings, special occasions, florists and event planners or home decor and are smokeless and clean burning, so no more sooty marks or needing to redecorate. 

Tall and Slim Rustic Pillar Candle with 48 Colour Choices
Available in 48 colour choices burn time around 100 hours candle measures H240mm x D50mm (approx 9.5 inch x 2 inch) Smokeless, clean burning candle. Each candle has its own unique rustic style
Price: £6.99
Large 240mm Rustic Pillar Candle with 48 Colour Choices
Available in 48 colours to compliment any decor or occasion candle measures Height 240mm x Width 75mm (approx 9.5 inch x 3 inch) burn time around 150+ hours, naturally smokeless, soot free and clean burning when lit each candle has its own unique rustic style weight approx 1kg
Price: £12.99
Set of 3 Round Pillar Candles in 48 Colour Choices
Set of 3 solid colour throughout, unscented pillar candles, Over 48 colours to choose from Clean burning, soot free and smokeless candles comprises 1 x 100mm x 70mm, 1 x 150mm x 70mm and 1 x 200mm x 70mm (4,6 and 8 inch tall) Largest candle has a burn time around 150 hours
Price: £18.99
100mm (4 inch) Round Pillar Candle in 48 Colour Choices
Unscented pillar candle, available in 48 colours, solid colour throughout, made in the UK. Smokeless candles, clean burning and soot free. Height 100m x Diameter 70mm. . Burn time around 70 hours
Price: £4.50
Unscented 150mm (6 x 3 inch) Round Pillar Candle various colours
solid colour throughout, smoke free and clean burning round pillar candle candle measures Height 150mm x Diameter 70mm (approx 6 inch x 3 inch) 48 colours to choose from. Photo shows plum (midnight purple) pillar candle. Burn time around 100 hours
Price: £7.25
Unscented 200mm (8 inch) Pillar Candle various colours
Unscented, solid colour throughout and 48 colours to choose from. Clean burning, smokeless and soot free candle. Candle measures Height 200mm x Diameter 70mm (approx 8 inch x 3 inch). Photo shows orange pillar candle. Burn time around 150 hours
Price: £8.25

Pillar candle colours available - white, ivory cream, buttermilk (dark ivory),  rose white, baby pink, fuschia pink, dusky rose, coral, magenta (very deep pink), red, raspberry, ruby red,  burgundy,  midnight red (very deep dark burgundy),  ice blue, baby blue,  periwinkle blue,  electric blue,  wedgewood blue,  royal blue,  navy blue,  lilac, lavender, orchid (grape), purple (deep purple), aubergine,  plum (very deep dark purple),  mint green,  aquamarine,  sage green, lime green,  emerald green, christmas green,  teal, forest green,  lemon,  daffodil yellow,  honey (beeswax colour), soft apricot (light orange),  sunset orange, bright orange, burnt orange (deep dark orange/red),  gothic black, cappuccino (coffee), caramel , chestnut brown, espresso (ebony) , silver (a solid colour throughout with a molten silver look to the molten wax when lit)

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